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King pirate

The captain's group are descended from the 19 kingdoms responsible for the Blank Void and king pirate World Government. Zoro is still practicing his new sword technique for an upcoming battle. According to the website, fans can expect Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to be bombarded with crap as they climb up Zou the giant elephant's leg.


On the third level, Bartolomeo notices some soldiers carrying the unconscious form of Gladius but lets them go, knowing that he is going to be unconscious for a few days. There will be a "One Piece" animated film made out of the series, according to the Anime News Network. Crowned Princess of Dressrosa Rebecca is expected to join the crew with Kyros after Rebecca asked Violet if she can take her place in the kingdom. Zou is expected to be similar to the Skypea arc, with the characters going to a mythical city in the clouds.
One Piece fans predict if the Straw Hats pirates get out of Dressrosa, Luffy will try to find the rest of the crew alone. According to MangaHelper user EddyBob15, that power is behind the strength of Donquixote Pirates captain Doflamingo. The film is expected to be released some time next summer No specific date has yet been announced

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